PALM TREES  reminds me that it's already summer time. A time you should enjoy with family and friends. A time where you can relax, ...

Back in Palm Trees

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PALM TREES reminds me that it's already summer time.
A time you should enjoy with family and friends.
A time where you can relax, chill and try new adventures.
the comeBACK, the word itself tells every one of you that I'm still striving and looking forward to update my blog as much as I can.

Anyways, let me tackle about what happened on the entire shoot and for the outfit details I wore.


Yea, you're right.
That's my favorite pose.. 
Tehee! (Forgive me)
As I look back to the time I first started blogging I know I'm more determined now.
I'm happy knowing that there's really that someone who reads and appreciates
my blog. Yay!! I'm so kilig. Thank you so much for appreciating my fashion sense
and my blog. We might know, one day we can be friends.
Just say "HI" when you see me. Okay? I won't bite :)
Palm Trees tee jukaykayatbp
- I can consider that Jukaykayatbp is one of my favorite online shop because it has a lot 
of unique choices and it's clothing line is so affordable yet comfortable to wear. I will 
definitely love to buy some more. 

Bracelet: pandora
Watch: Casio (DB360)
Acid wash shorts: vanillabreezeclothing
- When I talk about shorts there's no other better than vanillabreezeclothing 
They have A LOT of beautiful choices. Great minds! I also love how
Ate Jho and the staffs are so accommodating every time I visits the bazaar,
not just for me but for the entire vbc babies. Thumbs up to it's team.
Taylor Lightweight Chunkies: girlshaven
- I've been eyeing girlshaven every time I browse on my instagram account,
they have such fab designs. I'm so glad that I got this pair of Taylor last Trendsetters 
Bazaar,  t'was so comfortable and I can walk with it for the entire day without 
having bruises. You should buy one too. The staff is so helpful and 
patient by helping me choose the right size and the exact style 
that suits me. Thanks a lot. 

Look how happy I am to be back.

This sweet smile is for all my readers who appreciates me.
Stay tune through my ig

Special thanks to: Jayday-Photography

- His shot is absolutely stunning and he knows how to make me happy with his 
 photographs, I can see that his passion is there, same as the passion I have for blogging.
Thanks a LOT Jayday. More power to you!