So I've been to places this weekend.  Not exactly around the world but around Quezon area. I've been thinking what to write nor...

Stuck dreams

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So I've been to places this weekend. 
Not exactly around the world but around Quezon area.
I've been thinking what to write nor to tell about these photos.
Let me change it, on how it used to be. 
I'll just write what I feel right now. 

I'm at this moment where I was thinking of  ...
"What am I doing? What should I need to do? And what I really want to do"
In the state where my passion is being absurd by what I'm currently doing.
Time, things and circumstances are coming into my way....
How I wish there's a guide book that will definitely suits me, wherein I can track my everyday progress, which I'll be able to know if I'm about to reached the peak or still need to strive more.
Ugh! There's such things coming into my mind right now.
And I don't know if I can form and elaborate every single details of it.
I really, really want to pursue my dream of becoming a Fashion Stylist wherein I need to take necessary training and a course related to it, I've been eyeing SOFA (School of Fashion & the Arts) since I'm 19, after my graduation I promise myself to be on that school after I got my diploma. My mom and I went to my dream school but didn't enroll and she told me it's not the time yet, I was so upset and silently cry after we went there. So I've decided to work while waiting for my parents approval. After the end of my contract at my first job, I asked my brother who is working abroad if he's willing to help me fulfill my dreams in the said school and surprisingly he said "YES" I was in total shocked and I was in tears reading his message that says "Okay, sige. sagot ko tuition mo. Basta tanong mo sa kanila" (Okay, I'll pay for your tuition but first ask our parents) I was so happy that time but didn't tell my parents about it. The next day, I told my mom, she said I need to ask my Dad first. Then told my dad about it but didn't hear his opinion about it because I fell asleep while waiting for his answer while Mom's talking to him. A day after Mom talked to me and said "Parang hindi um-oo daddy mo, tanungin mo ulit ng isa pa" (I think your dad didn't agree, try to ask him once more) I was like.... Uh-ohhhhh. What should I gonna do? I was like, Okaaaaay. Now I know some things are not meant to be, on how I planned to be. I was stuck and I don't know what to think that moment. I'm not mad, just felt unhappy about it. Anyway, I'll end this by "Strive in pursuing your dreams until you got your dream job". And in addition "In God's perfect timing"

Mint top: Forever21
Cardigan: Greenhills 
Flounce Skirt: Pinkmanila
Kitty Heels: Carrierpigeonproject

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Special thanks to: Jayday


  1. Great photos, love your outfit here xx

    1. Thank you, it was shot by my good friend Jayday. Thank you.
      I'll check you blog later. xx

  2. love your out fit sissy .. ganda tlaga