FFLG means Fun, Flannel, and Lady Guard . Those are the highlights of the day of shoot. And that's the reason I came up with that tit...


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FFLG means Fun, Flannel, and Lady Guard.
Those are the highlights of the day of shoot.
And that's the reason I came up with that title.

At first, 
Me and my friend slash photographer is in search for a perfect place for my outfit. We saw filthy bricks wall but the place isn't good enough to shoot because of unending vehicles roaming across the said place. And then we saw this wicked street which we think is rad enough to take photos.

Then the shoot begins... 
At first take, it was smooth, we were laughing all through the entire shoot just because we're having  fun yet in my mind t'was like "Yes, finally! A Shoot in the street like I always wanted", I was inspired in The Beatles for wanting this shoot for so long. 

After a few minutes there's this lady guard who asked us if we have our permit to shoot, and we're like "NAAAAAH, do we need to have it?" and she said "YES, because it's a private property", so I felt a little vague that time but still we obeyed the rules so we stopped the shoot and searched for another place.

But TBH, I was still thankful because my friend came up with the idea of another good place he knew that we won't need any permit. (Slow clap for him) HOORAY!! We continued our shoot with a bunch of children watching us. Everything went well.

Okay... So much for the story telling, HAHA! 
Back to blogging... 

See how happy I am sitting on the grass?
My childhood memories came back. yay!!

Chanel top: Greenhills
Flannel: Friend's own
Flannel is also one of the highlights because it uplifts the entire look to make it more street wear.

Shorts: DIY studs, shorts bought at 168 mall
It's much more appealing if you make your own studded shorts, because you'll be happy for the outcome and you know exactly want you wanted.
Watch: Casio
Loomband: Gift
Gold and colorful studded bracelet: 168 mall
1460 boots: Dr Martens


And that's it. I'll end this blog with my wacky face on. LOL
I hope each and every one of you got inspired.

Special thanks to my photographer / friend: 
Jayday Dayaon
For being so supportive and gentleman all through out the entire shoot.
For photography booking and inquires, check out his page:
 Jayday Photography 

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  1. omg your outfit is just plain cute with the booties. My brother does the same with his shorts, he's always wearing boots with shorts everyday ! grabe :)